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When faith gets lost in an old slate roof, an expensive, intrusive re-slate was the only sensible option until the Stormflex System was developed. Stormflex offers complete slate security while maintaining the character and functionality of an old slate roof.

The problem

  • Dangerous loose, slipped slates
  • Massive renovation costs
  • Health and Safety anxiety
  • Aesthetically run down
Aerial view of roof before Stormflex solution

An entire high street being closed, schools cancelled for fear of safety, factory downtime, listed buildings falling into disrepair, homeowners enduring leaks into their homes because of lack of funds and sadly fabulous old roofs being stripped at a loss to our heritage.

These issues are now easily resolved…

  • Typical savings of 70% over the cost of re-slating.
  • Maintains the character of the existing roof.
  • Minimal external and internal disruption.
  • No need for scaffolding with IRATA-trained operatives.
  • NVQ Heritage-trained slating operatives.
  • Up to 15 years guarantee.
  • 30 years of job and client reference.
  • Ecologically friendly.
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The solution is Stormflex slate roof conservation…

Take a look at how the Stormflex System works here.